The coolest people ever!

We have a date

Time for you all to see my work!
At Konstfack from the 27 may 16:00 - 31 may 18:00
(the best is to come 28, 29 then the work will be showed in Mandelgren in large scale)

Linda Bendelin


”Reality is just an symbolic idea of the real, and when we have symbolic representations- we have a system” The system and the reality is a form, but the idea of it and the real is formless. The form and the structure make it possible to talk and communicate. But communication is only possible in the state in between, and this state is the most busy place.

My thought have been to work with the tem Amnesia in a way to extend the state in between and to investigate the way Liminality shapes personality; there normal limits to thoughts, self-understanding and behavior are undone. In such situations the very structure of the society and ourselves temporarily suspended, the forms get formless and we are somewhere in the dialog in between. In the state of Amnesia I have let friends tell me about myself. I think that we humans always create ourselves in the dialog with other people and to let someone else tell you about you is always a translation. In this case my friends have decided by themselves what they wanted to say in the video, truth and lies from there own perspective. In the end the artwork shows one person true another person. And how both of them are helping to create each other through each other, and how all of them integrate like a formless process. There you can´t point out a beginning or an end, and not even exactly what you really see and hear. The interesting for me is also what happens between the viewer and the work, the space in between, the boundary between what exists and what is not there. I want to open up to the idea that there is more than one vision and show the inarticulate. Beyond the forms, structures, systems and categories is the formless. That is if the world is not seen or arrange as we are accustomed we become dizzy, the form becomes formless and create disorder. But I think here is a tension in this intermediate state. By showing this intermediate state where the inarticulate and the formless is, so challenged in a way cuts and borders and a movement process around a new way of looking arise.